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What is the material used to make the packing bag (including inner bag and outer bag)?

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I do aquatic feed here. I want to know this knowledge. Thank you!

plastic bags need four characteristics: firmness, printability, heat sealing and barrier
the inner belt should be able to directly contact with food, so it is generally polyethylene and polypropylene films, which also have good heat sealing performance
the middle bag is generally a barrier material, which has the characteristics of blocking oxygen, water and fragrance. The purpose is to extend the shelf life. There are many kinds of barrier materials, such as nylon, PVDC, EVOH, aluminized film and so on
the outer bag should have the characteristics of firmness and printability. Generally, pet, PP and other materials are used
for aquatic feed, I don’t know what the specific requirements are, but the most important thing should be the selection of barrier layer. Different materials have different barrier characteristics.

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