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What is the news source of the new crown of frozen shrimp in South America?

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  & nbsp; & nbsp; To prevent the novel coronavirus pneumonia from being imported into cold chain food, the customs authorities carried out the COVID-19 nucleic acid detection of imported cold chain food. As of 24:00 on September 9, 227934 samples had been sampled and tested by the national customs. Among them, COVID-19 nucleic acid was detected in 1 container inner wall samples and 5 outer package samples produced by three enterprises in Ecuador. The test results of the other 227928 samples were all negative

  & nbsp; Bixin said, the positive samples detected by nucleic acid sequence analysis and experts judged, the results showed that the above three enterprises in Ecuador products container environment, goods packaging is contaminated by COVID-19 risk. Experts believe that the detection results do not mean that the products are infectious, but reflect that the food safety management system of relevant enterprises is not implemented in place

  & nbsp; Bikexin said that in order to protect the health of consumers, the General Administration of Customs has decided to suspend the registration qualification of the three enterprises involved in Ecuador in China, suspend the import of their products, and take measures such as return and destruction of temporarily detained goods. Bikexin said that the General Administration of Customs will further strengthen the source control of imported cold chain food, strictly enforce port inspection and quarantine, and ensure the safety of imported and exported food


  & nbsp; & nbsp; Bi Kexin, director of the import and export food safety bureau of the General Administration of customs, also introduced: the World Health Organization believes that according to the previous investigation experience of coronavirus caused diseases, there are no cases of transmission to humans through food consumption. However, with the rapid development of overseas epidemic, especially the resumption of work in some countries, the risk of pollution in the cold chain has increased. To this end, the General Administration of Customs has strengthened the source control of imported cold chain food:

& nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; Take measures to suspend the import of products. In view of the recent cluster infection epidemic in meat and aquatic products enterprises in some countries, we have taken measures to suspend the import of their products. At present, we have suspended the import of products from 23 overseas meat production enterprises, such as Germany, the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Many countries and enterprises have actively cooperated. Among these 23 enterprises, 10 have independently proposed and suspended export measures to China according to the requirements of China

is detected on the packaging of frozen shrimps. COVID-19 does not mean that the frozen shrimps have its own, but it is not known how it is on the outer packaging. It is suggested that the frozen goods must be washed and sterilized, so that COVID-19 can not enter the human body through this way. At the same time, we suggest that you must cook when cooking food.

the source of the news about the detection of the new crown of frozen shrimp in South America is the news published by Pingxiang prevention and control headquarters. In fact, this is also the wrong understanding of the person in charge, causing panic to the local people. At the same time, the relevant departments also strengthened the detection and found that it was just a rumor

recently, three frozen shrimps in Ecuador and COVID-19 were packaged in China and abroad. The news source of the New South Korean frozen shrimps came from Ecuador’s three companies registered in China.

according to Xinhua news agency, the Customs Department carried out the monitoring of imported products and found that there were problems in the products of three enterprises in erdoga. The goods have been returned and destroyed.

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