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What is the protective effect of packaging heat shrinkable film?

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Heat shrinkable film is a kind of heat shrinkable film, which shrinks the goods after heating. The protection effect is very good, but there will be some risks

disadvantages of heat shrinkable film: & nbsp; High energy consumption due to the need for additional heat& nbsp; Limited production speed& nbsp; It is difficult to package pressure sensitive products& nbsp; Film tension instability& nbsp; Heat sensitive products cannot be packaged& nbsp; High ignition index& nbsp; Smoke must be handled& nbsp; Limited ability to read bar codes

in contrast, you can learn that cold shrinkable film is safer than heat shrinkable film. Its packaging technology is developed on the basis of heat shrinkable film packaging and stretch packaging technology, absorbing the advantages of traditional heat shrinkable film packaging and stretch film

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Huihe Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging heat shrinkable film. It is a kind of strong, tough and highly transparent two-way shrinkable film. The shrinkage path is stable and balanced in the packaging process, including the soft corners after completion, toughness, low temperature resistance and no hardening. It can effectively protect the packaged articles, will not produce harmful gases in the process of use, and can adapt to most automatic Semi-automatic machinery is an economical and affordable product.

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