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What kind of drinks have ordinary packaging but are good to drink?

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Thai soy milk, I believe many people can see it when traveling. It’s delicious, really. Because I’ve been drinking since I was a child, and I’ve been super invincible since I was a child. The taste is not particularly sweet and greasy. The ice is particularly delicious. There are also glass bottles, which are particularly good-looking and very cheap. Friends who travel to Thailand must drink and will not regret it. Unfortunately, we can’t buy this soy milk in China now. It’s different from our soy milk. You can drink other soy milk appropriately.

a bottle of delicious yogurt — Langge, which is completely the taste of porcelain bottle yogurt when I was a child. It is refrigerated for 2-4 degrees and has a shelf life of 14 days;

both soy milk and lemon tea produced by Mr. Vita series are very classic. Vanilla soy milk and lemon tea series are recommended. Although the outer package is not good-looking, it tastes good. ‍

7eleven Limited sales sun & amp; Shine’s fresh fruit juice without preservatives. Every mouthful you drink feels like you’re eating fresh fruit


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