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What kind of printing industry does it belong to

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What industry does wall calendar production belong to? The industry competent department shall specify the annual cover template of wall calendar? Then distribute it to local wholesale and sales stores?

printing belongs to special industries

management of printing industry:


after the approval of the press and Publication (Culture) department, the application for the business license of special industry of printing industry shall be submitted to the local County-level Public Security (Branch) bureau with the following materials. After passing the safety review, the special industry license shall be issued:

(I) the application registration form for special industry shall be made in triplicate; Two copies of the ID card of the legal representative and two copies of the employee registration form

(II) fire prevention qualification certificate issued by the county (District) public security fire management department

(III) the real estate certificate issued by the housing management department. If the business house is rented, the lease agreement shall also be issued

(IV) enterprise application, copy of ID card of legal representative and approval documents of superior units (except those without superior units)

(V) location map and plan of the enterprise’s business location

(VI) printing license

(VII) various safety management systems of the printing industry

(8) other materials that the public security organ considers should be submitted

extended data:

special industries refer to industries in the industrial and commercial service industry that are easy to be used by criminals due to the content and nature of business and are handed over to the public security organ for public security administration according to national or local regulations

mainly includes:

(1) hotel industry

(2) lettering, printing and casting industry

(3) thrift purchase trust industry

(4) repair industry

the above-mentioned industries are easy to be used by criminals as a place to stay invisible, or to alter and forge certificates, seal letters and sell and hide stolen goods. Therefore, they are important objects of public security administration and public security prevention

according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, anyone who operates a special industry must report to the local county (city) public security organ for the approval of the competent department. If he obtains the public security management registration certificate, he must also report to the local county (city) administrative department for Industry and Commerce for registration and obtain the business license before he can operate; When applying to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for suspension of business, transfer of business or change of registration items for some reason, it shall be filed with the public security organ; It is not allowed to start business without approval

reference Baidu Encyclopedia – special industries

printing belongs to special industries

listed as special industries are:

1. Hotel industry (including hotels, restaurants, hotels, hotels, guest houses, offices with reception and accommodation business, training centers, guest bathrooms, resorts, etc.)

2. Printing, casting and lettering industry (including printing, typesetting, plate making, binding, film covering, copying, typing, making business cards, lettering, seals, lettering, etc.)

3. Second-hand goods industry (including second-hand goods market, productive waste metal acquisition sites, consignment dispensing stores, scrapped motor vehicle (ship) recycling, dismantling enterprises, etc.)

4. Pawnbroking

5. Auction industry

6. Trust consignment industry

7. Entry exit service industry

extended data:

among them, special operation personnel shall meet the following conditions:

(I) be at least 18 years old and not exceed the national legal retirement age

(2) having passed the physical examination of the community or medical institutions at or above the county level, and having no organic heart disease, epilepsy, Meniere’s disease, vertigo, hysteria, tremor paralysis, psychosis, dementia and other diseases and physiological defects that hinder the corresponding special operations

(3) having a junior high school education or above

(4) having necessary safety technical knowledge and skills

(V) other conditions specified for corresponding special operations

in addition to meeting the conditions specified in Items 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the preceding paragraph, special operators of hazardous chemicals shall have high school education or equivalent to high school education or above

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – special industries

printing belongs to light industry

according to the latest industrial classification of national economy (GB /T 4754-2011)
printing belongs to
category C manufacturing industry
category 23 printing and recording media reproduction industry
231 medium printing
there are three sub categories below, and the details are as follows:
2311 sub category book and newspaper printing
2312 the printing of this volume refers to the production activities of this volume made of all kinds of paper and paperboard for writing and other purposes
2319 sub category packaging decoration and other printing refers to the printing of decorating and beautifying commodities by using certain packaging materials according to certain commodity attributes and forms, and through the design and arrangement of plastic structure art and pattern and text of commodity packaging, as well as other printing activities
please classify it into detailed sub categories according to the specific business scope of the enterprise.

printing belongs to the packaging processing industry

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