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When and in which city is the recent food machinery exhibition

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2014 China Shenyang food processing and packaging machinery exhibition
launch date
September 18, 2014
end date
September 20, 2014
exhibition country
Exhibition City
exhibition venue
Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center
exhibition address
Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center
[exhibition introduction]
The food machinery industry has a broad market
the food packaging machinery industry is an important industry that provides technical equipment for the food industry and plays an important role in the development of the food industry. The technical level of food packaging machinery is an important symbol to measure the technical equipment capacity of food industry. Without modern food packaging machinery, there will be no modern food industry. The next five years will be the development period of building a well-off society in an all-round way and an important strategic opportunity for the development of China’s food packaging machinery industry. The market competition will become increasingly fierce
Haiming food machinery series exhibition has been in existence for five years, serving 2154 exhibitors and 137032 visitors every year, covering Jinan, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an and Shenyang, forming a full coverage of five important regional markets in East China, central China, southwest, northwest and northeast, providing the best platform for industrial enterprises to expand regional central markets, It is an excellent opportunity for industry enterprises to publicize their brands and effectively promote trade, exchanges and cooperation in the domestic baking industry
[promotion plan]
★ professional media cooperation: advertising cooperation with 15 comprehensive mass media, 280 websites, more than 120 professional magazines, more than 200 blog forums, 500000 business letters, 500000 text messages and more than 1 million emails every month to strongly publicize this exhibition
★ national exhibition publicity: the Organizing Committee sends staff from the investment promotion department and the customer department to participate in all exhibitions related to food machinery in China, conduct on-site investment promotion and audience organization, and make in-depth promotion for people in the industry all over the country
★ full time invitation of customer service department: the customer service department has more than 20 people. Through various channels and methods established over the years, it makes one-to-one invitation to professional buyers in the database, and does a good job in the group work of food machinery market and VIP customers, which is the best guarantee to ensure the high attendance rate of professional visitors
◆ food processing equipment: leisure food processing machinery, meat products processing machinery, flour products processing machinery, grain deep processing machinery, convenience food processing machinery, fruit and vegetable processing machinery, bean products processing machinery, beverage processing machinery, milk and dairy products processing machinery, can head food processing machinery, candy processing machinery, aquatic products processing machinery, baking equipment Refrigeration equipment, etc
◆ food packaging equipment: code spraying machinery, labeling machinery, packaging machinery, printing machine, sealing machinery, sealing machinery, packing machinery, wrapping machinery, binding machinery, container machinery, filling machinery, fast tableware processing machinery, packaging machinery control equipment, cleaning machinery, auxiliary packaging equipment, packaging materials, color box color printing, etc
◆ supporting equipment and equipment: starch and starch products processing machinery, water treatment machinery, sterilizer /dryer, cooking equipment, hotel equipment and kitchen machinery, instruments and meters, sensors, air compressors, frequency converters, hydraulic and pneumatic components, metering transmission devices, heat exchangers, automatic control, weighing equipment, pipe fittings /valves /pumps, variable speed mechanical equipment Other transmission and control equipment
【 exhibition expenses 】

2014 15th international fruit and vegetable • food processing technology and equipment exhibition
launch date
September 26, 2014
end date
September 29, 2014
exhibition country
Exhibition City
exhibition venue
Yantai International Expo Center
exhibition address
No. 309 Gangcheng East Street, Yantai
※ organizer:
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific The United Nations Asia Pacific agricultural engineering and machinery center, the United Nations Asia Pacific Technology Transfer Center, the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Ministry of science and technology of China, the Ministry of agriculture of China, the State Administration of foreign experts of China, the State Forestry Administration of China, the all China Federation of supply and marketing cooperation, the people’s Government of Shandong Province
※ organizer:
Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology Shandong Provincial Department of agriculture, Shandong Provincial Forestry Bureau, Shandong Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives, Shandong Provincial Administration of agricultural machinery, Shandong Yantai Municipal People’s Government
※ co organizers:
China Green Food Association, Shandong Agricultural machinery circulation association China supermarket joint purchasing and trading conference
※ media support:
China food industry, Chinese and foreign food and packaging machinery, China Tropical Agriculture, Chinese and foreign exhibition, China food information network, Huicong food industry network, China agriculture network, China food commerce network, food machinery industry network, China Warehousing and logistics network, China packaging standard network, Jiaodong online Jellyfish network, Dazhong network, China food machinery and equipment network and food business network
※ executive organizer:
Qingdao Jinnuo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Yantai Jinnuo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
※ exhibition introduction:
Yantai International fruit and vegetable · Food Expo, referred to as “fruit and Vegetable Fair”, is a national and international regular economic and trade meeting approved by the State Council. It is jointly sponsored by three international organizations such as ESCAP, seven national ministries and commissions such as the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of agriculture and the Shandong Provincial People’s government, and jointly undertaken by seven departments and bureaus such as the Yantai Municipal People’s government and the Shandong Provincial Department of commerce. The theme “green, healthy and future” aims to promote international technical exchanges and cooperation in the field of fruits and vegetables, transfer scientific and technological achievements, promote scientific and technological progress, and realize the modernization, industrialization and internationalization of fruit and vegetable production, processing technology and market through fruit and vegetable scientific and technological product exhibition and scientific and technological research activities
after years of cultivation, the international fruit, vegetable and Food Expo has become a brand exhibition in the field of fruits, vegetables and food. It enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad and has broad development prospects. It has been rated as one of the “top ten exhibitions of the country” by people’ and “the flagship project of successful cooperation between escap and the Chinese government”
leaders of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of agriculture and more than 20 ministries and commissions will meet first and then. Officials from the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations Asia Pacific Center for agricultural engineering and machinery, the World Intellectual Property Organization and other international organizations came to the conference one after another
the annual “China International fruit and Vegetable Food Expo” has been successfully held for 14 times from 1999 to 2013. There are more than 12000 booths in total, 2100 important delegations (including 1358 overseas), and more than 1.5 million Chinese and foreign businessmen (including 53200 overseas). During the Expo, the total turnover of import and export trade was 12.02 billion US dollars (including 9.222 billion US dollars of export); Domestic trade turnover was more than 10.8 billion yuan
Yantai is a famous hometown of fruits and vegetables and an important production and processing base of fruits and vegetables in China. It has a large number of national geographical indication protection products and well-known product brands. Now it has formed an advantageous food industry cluster dominated by the production, processing, export of agricultural and sideline products and the research and development of marine products. The exhibition is scheduled to be held in September every year. It has formed the habit of visiting the exhibition regularly among exhibitors and professional visitors, and has a good reputation in the food, fruit and vegetable industry
the 15th China International fruit, vegetable and Food Expo will be held in Yantai International Expo Center from September 26 to 29, 2014. We sincerely invite you to participate and wholeheartedly provide you and your enterprise with more comprehensive and high-quality exhibition services
※ review of the last exhibition:
the 14th international fruit, vegetable and Food Expo was held in Yantai from September 26 to 28, 2013. Exhibitors from France, Spain, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions as well as 26 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China participated in the exhibition. There are 1028 booths, including 75 overseas booths and 953 domestic booths. There were 45 important delegations, including 27 overseas, with more than 10000 visitors, including more than 2000 overseas businessmen
※ exhibition publicity and promotion:
※ one-to-one invitation plan: the organizing committee will fully launch the “one-to-one invitation plan for visitors”, and organize special personnel to invite the target audience through telephone confirmation, fax, e-mail, direct mail and other forms
※ cooperation with industrial parks and economic development zones: organize visiting groups to visit and negotiate, and help exhibitors find buyers and partners
※ governments and associations from all walks of life give full support to invite industry customers: send invitations to government departments, industry associations, scientific research institutions, enterprises and social organizations at home and abroad
※ industry users provide conference tickets free of charge: print and distribute a large number of invitations, invitation cards, visit tickets and other promotional materials to the audience by means of door-to-door visit and special delivery
※ lock the exhibitor customer base and specify the invitation: focus on inviting the invited objects according to the intention of each exhibitor
※ media publicity invites professional purchasing groups: invite purchasing groups to visit through professional journals and websites
※ exhibition scope:
1 exhibition hall machinery topic:
★ processing, storage and transportation machinery: post harvest processing equipment for fruits and vegetables (screening, sorting, cleaning, drying and waxing equipment, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine and vegetable chopper; fruit juice and fruit and vegetable processing equipment, pickle equipment, edible fungus equipment, starch equipment, fresh-keeping, refrigeration, transportation and storage equipment, etc.
★ packaging equipment: packaging machinery, graded packaging equipment, code spraying equipment, packer, packaging materials and other packaging processing equipment,
★ general machinery : sterilization equipment, baking equipment, filling machine, testing equipment, biological fermentation technology; Logistics management technology, workbench, workshop purification and disinfection system engineering
Special Topics on fruits and vegetables in hall 2:
★ fresh fruits and vegetables: fresh fruits, vegetables, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh cut fruits and vegetables, and other edible fungi
★ means of production: chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, pesticide, plastic film and other agricultural means of production
★ fruit and vegetable products: dehydrated fruits and vegetables, quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables and concentrated juice, dried fruits and preserved fruits and other fruit and vegetable products
★ agricultural machinery: planting machinery, water-saving irrigation equipment, greenhouse equipment, feed processing equipment, binding machinery, incubation equipment, livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing equipment, agricultural engineering machinery, etc
special topic of food in hall 3:
★ imported food: all kinds of convenient nutrition fortified food, green food, organic food, halal food, livestock and poultry meat products, casings, quick-frozen food, prepared food, grain and oil, condiments, snack food, bean products, dairy products, baked food, freeze-dried food, vermicelli, bee products, canned food, flour products, preserved fruits, preserved fruits, pickles, etc
★ food additives and ingredients: various food additives, food ingredients, plant extracts and food processing additives
★ drinks and tea: fruit juice (meat) drinks, functional drinks, health drinks, various drinks, tea, etc
★ aquatic products: all kinds of dry, ice and fresh aquatic products, aquatic processed food, all kinds of marine leisure food, marine biological products and other marine deep-processing products
★ Hotel Catering: hotel catering appliances, kitchen equipment, hotel supplies, etc
★ food management and service system: food safety inspection, quality management, inspection and quarantine, customs declaration, laboratory analysis and testing, etc

2014 China (Linyi) international food machinery and packaging machinery exhibition

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