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Where are the tiles good?

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because the home needs to be decorated, they do it by themselves, large and small. So after the decoration, I learned a lot about the materials. Next, I’ll introduce it to you

ceramic tiles can be divided into six types: mosaic, polished brick, antique brick, glazed brick, full body brick and vitrified brick

full body brick:
full body brick has an advantage that it has particularly good skid resistance. Generally, the anti-skid brick we know is this kind of whole brick. Its front and back are the same
this kind of ceramic tile is also cost-effective, which is high quality and low price

polished brick:
simply speaking, polished brick is actually a brick made after polishing the surface. The polished brick is hard and suitable for many indoor places. But try to avoid toilets and kitchens
the advantage of polished brick is that it is light in weight and generally the color of the real object is consistent with the picture. But its disadvantage is that it has poor skid resistance. So buy carefully

vitrified brick:
although vitrified brick also needs polishing, the difference is that it does not need polishing. It is relatively smooth and hard. In many ways, it is much better than ordinary marble
it has the advantages of bright color, relatively safe composition, light quality and convenient cleaning

glazed tile:
its price is relatively high. It is worth mentioning that it has strong pollution resistance, so it is especially suitable for toilets, kitchens and other places for cleaning

antique brick:
as the name suggests, it imitates the ancient style and is more retro and American style. It is more atmospheric and calm as a whole

Xiaobian speculates that mosaic may not be very high-end, so it is often used in places such as toilets. Ha ha

to sum up: in fact, decorating a house is a comprehensive thing, which should be combined with all aspects, such as your preferences, your income, etc. You can’t just listen to others. After all, what suits you is the best
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the relatively large ceramic tile production places in China are Foshan, Shandong, Tangshan, etc.

in terms of quality, compared with brands of the same grade, they are also arranged in order of Foshan, Shandong and Tangshan

suggestion: if you don’t need to purchase a large area (more than 500 square meters) and don’t have to order from the place of origin of ceramic tiles, you can visit several more local dealers to order. It’s best to have your own budget to buy ceramic tiles or decorate yourself.

1. Inspection label: the product packaging box shall have the factory name, address, product name, after-sales service telephone, specification, quantity, trademark, production date and implemented standards. For ceramic tiles, CCC certification mark shall be checked. For ceramic tiles for interior design and decoration, products with radionuclides meeting class a requirements should be selected
2. Look at the appearance carefully: the glaze of high-quality ceramic tiles should be smooth and delicate, the luster glaze should be crystal clear and bright, and the matte glaze should be soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural light or fluorescent lamp irradiation, place the brick at a distance of 1m and observe vertically. No obvious glaze defects shall be seen. The color and pattern of brick with pattern shall be delicate and realistic, and there shall be no obvious defects such as lack of color, broken line, dislocation and so on. The shading and trademark on the back of high-quality ceramic products are clear and complete, with few glaze marks or defects
3. Splicing effect: the size deviation of good ceramic tiles is small. Place a batch of products vertically on a plane to see if there is any uneven phenomenon. Then look at the flatness, close the edges of the two bricks together to see if there is a gap. Good products have small deformation, and the brick surface is flat and beautiful after paving. Look at the color difference of the product, put several bricks together, and check carefully in sufficient light. For products with different shades of color, the overall effect is not good after paving
4. Knock and listen to the sound: gently knock the ceramic tile and listen to its sound carefully. The products with good quality sound crisp and pleasant. For products with poor quality, due to improper raw material formula, short firing cycle and low firing temperature, they will make a “empty” sound when knocking
5. Weigh the weight: weigh the weight of ceramic tiles. Generally speaking, ceramic tiles of the same specification have high weight, low water absorption and good internal quality
6. Comparison varieties: floor tiles are divided into glazed floor tiles and unglazed floor tiles according to the glaze condition. Glazed floor tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of toilets and kitchens, and are used together with interior wall tiles. Most floor tiles are polished to become polished tiles. Most polished bricks have a water absorption of less than 0.1%, also known as vitrified bricks. The surface of polished brick is as smooth as a mirror. It is a high-grade ceramic product
7. Edges and corners of ceramic tiles: when paving ceramic tiles, many consumers and workers have encountered the problem that the edges and corners are difficult to align, which indicates that the flatness of ceramic tiles may not be too good. When selecting ceramic tiles, select several pieces randomly and measure them respectively along the edges and diagonals of ceramic tiles. If “edge warping” is found, it indicates that the flatness of ceramic tiles is not enough. If not, It shows that the flatness of ceramic tiles basically passes the test, which is also a trick to buy ceramic tiles


Foshan’s ceramic tiles are quite famous. Many well-known brands are there. has many Foshan brands. You can look for: first-line brands: Dongpeng, xinzhongyuan, Guanzhu, Mona Lisa, Marco Polo, etc.

Guangdong is better, but the price is more expensive. Then Jinjiang, the midpoint of the price. Second, the price in Minqing is cheaper. There are other things that are not clear

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