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Where can I sell vacuum packaging machines? How much is the price?

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first, select the vacuum packaging method according to the characteristics of your packaging products (such as internal and external pumping; fragile products such as puffed food should be flushed with stable gas, and nitrogen is widely used at present)

select the model of vacuum packaging machine according to the product packaging size and expected output (it can be customized)

it is also important to select the configuration according to your production conditions (such as semi-automatic or full-automatic), as well as the configuration selection of vacuum pump (imported pump or domestic pump)


 & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; I hope it will help you. If you don’t understand, continue to ask. If the question has been answered, I hope you can adopt my answer

there are many places to sell packaging machines. The price is different according to the purpose and packaged products, and the configuration required by users is different. In addition, it is the problem of imported and domestic products. The range from hundreds of dollars to millions (imported equipment) is too wide. If you want to inquire about the price, I suggest you say what products need to be packaged. The approximate output can give you an estimate of which equipment you need to use and the approximate price range. Hope to adopt

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