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Home xin Where does Qingdao sell flat-panel printers? UV flat panel printer? Universal printer? Please provide the manufacturer and contact information? thank you

Where does Qingdao sell flat-panel printers? UV flat panel printer? Universal printer? Please provide the manufacturer and contact information? thank you

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manufacturers without UV flat-panel printers in Qingdao
choose a good UV printer to see the following five points:
first, whether it is a professional manufacturer:
at present, UV printers are widely used in the market, and the market demand is increasing year by year; Many agents, leather bag companies, guerrillas and small workshops from manufacturers claim that they are manufacturers. When customers ask to see the production workshop, they will not let customers visit the production workshop for various reasons. Many leather bag companies also take customers to the same production workshop and claim that it is their own production workshop, In fact, they are only leather bag companies. They may disappear after selling the equipment. There are also small workshop companies with a few or more people. Their assembly workshop is pitifully small, and the workshop does not even have 10 equipment; If a company’s assembly workshop doesn’t even have 30 sets of equipment, it means that the company is not professional and the purchase risk is great
Second, look at the equipment configuration and materials:
at present, the manufacturers of UV printers are uneven, and the prices are high and low. You can’t just look at the surface. The outside of UV printers is packed with sheet metal, and the internal shelves, circuit parts, ink path parts, accessories, materials, workmanship and details must be looked at. Some manufacturers like to make superficial articles and make the sheet metal of UV printer very beautiful, while the internal structure, materials and accessories are ordinary or poor. Such equipment is not practical and easy to use. Buy equipment depends on those configurations: where is the board of the printer? What brand is the servo motor? What brand is the linear guide rail and what is the assembly standard? Where and what brand is RIP software? What brand is drag chain? Is there a heating system for the printer in winter? Whether the front of the car has anti-collision function, whether the printed color is correct, etc
III. see the printing effect on site:
when purchasing UV printer, you should print samples on site to see the effect, such as: is the printing accuracy high? Is the equipment running smoothly? How loud is the sound when the device prints? Is there any uncoordinated sound? Is the printed color bright, and how about the effect of spot color. I hope the customer can bring some pictures to print so that the printed results are more authentic
IV. services enjoyed by the equipment:
when purchasing equipment, you should clearly know the equipment warranty terms, the accessories and quantity delivered with the equipment, and the accessories that customers need to prepare, such as computer configuration, how many pieces are required for insertion, etc. UV printer is provided with one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. The factory’s ink is used during the warranty period. There is no cost for door-to-door during the warranty period, except for transportation. Outside the warranty period, if customers need door-to-door service, service fees will be incurred
v. don’t be greedy for small and cheap equipment:
any product in the market has a cheap price, and so does the UV printer market. Friendly tips: don’t buy cheap equipment. Cheap goods are not good goods. You can only buy and sell them by mistake, but use them cheaply. Everyone knows that you should buy UV printers with high cost performance. What is a cost-effective printer? It’s clear when you compare it. For example, the UV printer of manufacturer XX is different from the UV printer of manufacturer XXX. Except for the different shape and appearance, other core accessories are the same, and the price is relatively cheaper. This is the UV printer with high price
I wish you a satisfactory UV printer. thank you

do you want to buy a tablet printer? Must it be in Qingdao? Is it OK in other places?

Qingdao Zhenxuan factory sells flat-panel printers, UV flat-panel printers and universal printers. There are more than a dozen models, with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

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