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Which brand of packaging machinery is better in Foshan?

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let’s talk about it seriously. I was going to buy a machine wrapped moon cake before the Mid Autumn Festival last year. I also read a lot on the Internet. Finally, I thought that we must find good service and after-sales service to buy such a big thing. Other things are fake. After all, we don’t understand these things. At that time, I contacted Ruiji machinery in Foshan and had a good chat with their manager Tan. He helped me contact a local manufacturer and asked me to visit. After reading it, I ordered it. The machine wrapped moon cakes for two months last year, which was very stable, and then rested until the epidemic situation this year wrapped masks for a few months. Then the mask factory couldn’t do it. Now it continues to wrap moon cakes, which has been very stable. Occasionally there are some problems that you don’t understand or small problems. Contact them and they can solve them in time. It’s relatively easy to worry about.

Foshan Fuli packaging machinery is a big enterprise and brand.

there are many packaging machines, and some of them must do better. It also depends on what kind of packaging machine you choose

it can package diversified products, such as food, hardware and daily necessities–


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